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Managing Your Maid When You Travel

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As the June School holidays are approaching, I am sure many families are starting to plan exciting activities with their children including traveling overseas. Traveling can be a delightful break from routine, yet for employers of domestic helpers in Singapore, it raises important considerations about managing the well-being and responsibilities of their foreign domestic workers (FDWs) or maids. Careful preparation is needed to ensure that your holidays run smoothly and that your domestic helper is keeping safe back home in Singapore.

In this article, we will discuss the alternative plans for your maid and security measures employers should look into when they travel overseas.


Alternative Plans For Maid And Accommodation


Align Holiday Plans With Your Maid’s Home Leave

Coordinating your holidays with your helper’s home leave can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. This not only allows your helper to enjoy a well-deserved break in her home country but also relieves you from the worry of her well-being in your absence. Notably, the Singaporean government supports this by waiving the FDW levy for helpers on overseas leave for at least 7 days. Forms for this waiver are accessible on the MOM website.

Employers should ensure that their maid’s insurance remains effective during her absence. Although some policies may suspend coverage while the helper is outside of Singapore, they generally resume upon her return provided her work permit remains active. It is therefore advisable to confirm these details with your maid agency or insurance company to protect against any unforeseen circumstances.


Consider Home-Based Stay For Short Trips

If you are only planning a short getaway, you may prefer your maid to remain at your residence. Clear communication of expectations and responsibilities is very important. Outline specific tasks to be completed while your family is away on a vacation. For example, these tasks can be emptying and cleaning the refrigerator, reorganizing kitchen cabinets and so on.

Tasks like these are not so convenient to accomplish when there is a constant traffic of people around the house at different times of the day.

Employers should also establish guidelines, such as restrictions on having guests over. Leave a list of emergency contacts, including friends, relatives, or medical facilities for your maid. Additionally, ensure your maid’s insurance covers potential accidents or medical issues during your absence. This will give peace of mind to both you and your helper.


Legal Compliance When Housing Your Maid With Relatives

Housing your maid with a friend or relative during your travels requires approval from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This approval must be sought at least three working days before your departure. It’s illegal to let your helper work for the host during this period.

Employers should consider this option carefully, ensuring that it is a comfortable arrangement for your helper and that the temporary guardians understand their responsibilities.


Commercial Housing Alternatives

If personal arrangements are impractical, you may consider commercial housing solutions designed to house domestic helpers while their employers are travelling overseas. These facilities not only provide safe accommodation but may also offer training programs to enhance skills in the absence of employers.

As with personal arrangements, placing your maid in commercial housing requires prior approval from MOM. Ensure compliance to avoid legal complications and ensure your maid’s safety and well-being.


Inclusion Of Maid In Travel Plans

Whenever possible, include your maid in your travel plans, especially for longer vacations. This inclusion can strengthen the employer-employee relationship and make your maid feel valued as part of the family. If your maid is taking care of your children, bringing your maid along can give you an extra pair of helping hands during the trip. It is also a good opportunity for your maid to bond with your children.


Security Measures for Your Maid And Your Home

Ensuring the security of your home and the safety of your maid during your absence is crucial. Implementing effective security measures not only protects your property but also gives you peace of mind when you and your family are traveling overseas.


Comprehensive Home Security Systems

Equip your home with a robust security system that includes surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and automatic alerts to your phone. These systems serve as a deterrent to potential intruders and allow remote monitoring of your home while you are away.

Train and ensure your helper understands how to operate the security system, what to do in the event of a security breach, and whom to contact if she feels unsafe. Providing this knowledge empowers your maid and enhances security.


Secure And Monitor Access Points

Check all locks and alarms on doors and windows before departing to ensure they are functioning correctly. Installing alarms on doors and windows can provide an additional layer of security when no one is around. If possible, use smart locks that allow you to control and monitor entry to your home remotely. Provide your helper with a unique access code that logs when the door is locked or unlocked, which helps maintain security and accountability.


Emergency Preparedness

Create a clear plan detailing steps your maid should follow in case of various emergencies, such as a fire, burglary, or medical issue. This plan should include emergency contact numbers, such as the nearest police station, fire service, hospital, and a trusted friend or relative. Provide basic first aid training for your helper if she hasn’t already received it. Knowing how to handle minor medical emergencies or injuries can be crucial in managing unexpected situations effectively.


Regular Check-Ins

Keep in touch and establish a schedule for regular check-ins via phone or video call daily. These check-ins can reassure both you and your maid that everything is going smoothly, and this can also provide an opportunity to address any concerns that may arise without your presence. You may wish to inform a trusted neighbor or nearby friend about your travel plans and ask if they can occasionally check in on your maid. Having someone nearby who can offer immediate help or advice is invaluable.



Managing the care and responsibilities of your domestic helper during your travels doesn’t have to be stressful. By considering their needs, legal requirements, and the various safety options available, you can ensure a smooth and safe experience for both you and your domestic helper.

At Hire A Maid, we are committed to providing continuous support and advice to help you make the best decisions for your family’s needs. Our maid agency’s goal is to facilitate a harmonious living and working environment for both employers and their helpers in Singapore.

If you are looking for a skilled Myanmar maid or Indonesian maid, do not hesitate to give our dedicated team a call today!

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