Transfer Maid

Transfer maids are tailored to assist families looking to hire experienced Indonesian helpers and Myanmar helpers who are already residing in Singapore.

Why hire a Transfer maid?

There are two options for employers when considering to hire a maid in Singapore. The first option is to choose a helper who is still in their home country and the other option is to choose a Transfer maid. These are maids who have either finished their employment contract or seeking to transfer to a new employer.

Transfer maids who are already in Singapore with legal status are known for their adaptability and diligence in performing daily household tasks. They have more experience managing household routines and provide assistance for elderly care and childcare in dynamic Singaporean households. With their pior understanding and on the ground work trainings aid a faster and smoother integration into your home.

A significant advantage of choosing transfer maids is the ability to conduct face-to-face interviews ensuring a perfect fit for your household’s needs. Additionally, their status as transfer maid allows for a quicker deployment meaning families can receive the needed assistance without unexpected delay as compared to overseas maids awaiting documents approval. They are also cost efficient and more affordable for families who require immediate home assistance.

At Hire A Maid, our transfer maids are carefully handpicked by our dedicated professional team to ensure that families do not compromise in the quality of their helpers. We ensure that our transfer maids undergo the same strict training procedures and background checks as our overseas maids.

Key Traits of Transfer Maids

Adapted to Singapore's Environment

Our Indonesian and Myanmar transfer maids are well-acclimatised to Singaporean’s lifestyle and cultural norms making them an ideal fit for your household.

Familiarity with Food Culture

With a deep understanding of Singapore’s diverse food culture, they adeptly prepare a range of Asian’s cuisine especially Indonesian and Myanmar dishes aligning with the gastronomic preferences of Singaporean families.

Long-Term Commitment

Their readiness for long-term commitments in Singapore offers families consistent and reliable support contributing to a stable and harmonious home environment.

Enhanced Language Skills

These maids possess advanced language skills due to their experience working in Singapore making communication with their employers easier and enhancing a more harmonious working relationship.

Domestic Expertise

Their experience as a domestic helper in Singapore has honed their skills in household management, childcare, pet care and elderly care. This ensures that they fulfil and meet the high standards expected in Singaporean homes.

Our Maid's Capabilities

General Housekeeping

General Housekeeping

Our maids are intensively trained to provide general household cleaning, laundry, and home organization ensuring your home is always clean and tidy.

Child Care

Child Care

Our maids are trained to provide care for children of all ages focusing on home safety, road safety, food and nutrition to ensure that you have a peace of mind knowing that your child is properly cared for.

Pet Care

Pet Care

We ensure your pets at home are well-loved and cared for by giving the essential training to our maids to handle proper pet care needs like taking pet dogs for a walk, preparing their food on time, to handle emergencies like bites and accidents and to give our pets a clean and happy environment to live in.



Our transfer maids specialize in preparing a variety of dishes, with a special focus on the rich flavors of Indonesian and Myanmar and Singaporean cuisine, bringing a taste of cultural diversity to your dining experience.

Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Our compassionate assistance for the elderly includes basic medical support, monitoring of health and well-being along with companionship to enrich the elderly’s daily lives.

Care for Special Needs / Disabled

Care for Special Needs / Disabled

Our maids will undergo special training to provide care for the special needs and disabled loved ones at home. Our care includes groceries shopping, general housekeeping, giving medications on time, grooming and bathing, meal preparation and other special needs your family requires.

How To Hire A Transfer Maid

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and preferences. We offer personalized guidance to help you understand the process and identify the right helper for your household.

Step 2 - Selection Process

Browse through our diverse selection of candidates, including fresh helpers, experienced maids, and local transfers, to find a perfect match for your family’s unique requirements.

Step 3 - Defining Job Responsibilities

Work with our team to clearly define the maid’s job responsibilities, working hours, and any specific requirements to ensure a smooth integration into your home.

Step 4 - Legal and Paperwork Handling

Our team handles all the legalities and paperwork, ensuring compliance with Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower regulations for a hassle-free hiring experience.

Step 5 - Finalizing the Hire

Once you have selected your ideal Indonesian or Myanmar maid, we expedite the paperwork and deployment process, typically completing it within two weeks for a swift transition.

Transparent Pricing and Affordable Costs

Competitive Prices

The hiring process at Hire a Maid begins at an affordable rate of $1,176. This competitive pricing covers all the essential expenses associated with hiring an Indonesian or Myanmar maid, making it accessible for a wide range of families.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to costs. Our clients receive a detailed breakdown of all expenses, including agency fees, work pass application fees, maid insurance, health checks, and any other necessary expenditures. This clarity ensures that there are no hidden costs and allows for better financial planning for the families.

Legal & Ethical Employment

Work Permit Requirements

Our agency adheres to the labor law set by both the Indonesian and Myanmar Government and Singapore Ministry of Manpower. We practice due diligence to work with only Accredited Agencies in Indonesia and Myanmar. We are in compliance with these standards, reflecting our commitment to high-quality service and ethical employment practices.

The transfer maid is still holding on to their existing valid Work Permit in Singapore, waiting to be transferred to a new employer. Our team ensures that all maids have the necessary permits before being deployed to the employer.

Employment at Declared Address

Maids can only work at the residential address declared to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). We rigorously adhere to this rule to prevent any legal issues​​.

Restricted Job Scope

Our maids are trained to perform only domestic chores and are not deployed for non-domestic work, aligning with MOM’s regulations​​.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

We are aware of the severe penalties for non-compliance, including financial penalties and bans on employing domestic helpers, which drives our strict adherence to legal standards​​.

Advocacy for Fair Treatment

We are committed to the respectful and fair treatment of all our Indonesian and Myanmar maids, in strict alignment with MOM’s guidelines and international labor standards​​.

Ensuring Helpers' Rights and Welfare

Our focus is on fostering a healthy and productive working environment that benefits both the maids and the households they join. This includes ensuring dignified treatment, adequate accommodation, food, and medical care for all our maids​​.

Special Arrangements with MOM's Approval

In cases where employers need maids to care for a child or parent at a relative’s house, we facilitate obtaining MOM’s approval and the helper’s written agreement, ensuring all legal and ethical standards are met.

Our Support

Issue Resolution

We provide a robust support system for both employers and maids. If any issues arise, we offer mediation and practical solutions to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

Cultural Integration Assistance

Recognizing the importance of cultural harmony, we offer cultural integration programs for our Indonesian and Myanmar transfer maids, helping them understand and adapt to the diverse cultural landscape of Singaporean society.

Legal Assistance

Our team provides assistance in navigating any legal issues or documentation required during their employment, ensuring compliance with Singapore’s regulations.

Continuous Training and Development

To ensure the continuous improvement of our maids’ skills and adaptation to Singapore’s evolving lifestyle, we provide ongoing training sessions covering various aspects of household management and interpersonal skills.

Well-being and Health Support

We are committed to the well-being of our maids, offering support and guidance on health issues, ensuring they receive proper medical care when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of hiring an transfer maid?

Our price starts from $1,646.82, which excludes insurance, air tickets and placement loan. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to costs, so our clients receive a detailed breakdown of all expenses.

How long does it take to hire a transfer maid?

Once an Indonesian or Myanmar maid is selected, you will be able to receive your maid at your doorstep as fast as 7 working days.

Can I customise the job scope of the maid?

Absolutely! We assist each client in defining the maid’s job responsibilities and working hours. This customization ensures a perfect fit for your household, allowing for a smooth integration of the maid into your home environment.

What makes Hire A Maid different from other agencies?

At Hire A Maid, we stand out with our personalised matching process, transparent affordable pricing and our commitment to ethical employment practices. Our comprehensive support system and focus on cultural integration also set us apart from other maid agencies in Singapore.

How do you ensure the ethical treatment of your maids?

We are committed to the respectful and fair treatment of all our Indonesian and Myanmar  maids. This includes adherence to the Ministry of Manpower’s guidelines and international labor standards, fostering a healthy and productive working environment for the maids.

What if I encounter issues with my hired maid?

If any issues arise, we’re here to help. Our support system is designed to resolve any problems and provide additional training if necessary, ensuring a harmonious relationship between our maids and their employers.

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