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Why Hire Maids From Licensed Maid Agencies In Singapore: The Benefits Explained

Myanmar maid agency training domestic helper from Indonesia and Myanmar in singapore

A maid agency is a business that acts like a middleman providing recruitment services of domestic helpers to employers. A licensed maid agency adheres to Singapore Ministry Of Manpower, MOM rules and regulations and ensures that all employment procedures comply with Singapore laws.

Acknowledging the growing demand of domestic helpers in Singapore, some  freelance agents from overseas take this opportunity to undercut local maid agencies by providing direct hire to employers. These freelance agents tend to prey on employers’ urgency of recruiting a maid and paying a cheaper initial charge to convince vulnerable employers. It may seem like employers are saving on recruitment charges but it is definitely a risky move with potential hidden costs or could be a scam. It is also worth noting that many of these overseas agents do not have a license to supply maids overseas, offer poor housekeeping training and provide little to no background checks on the maids they recommend. 

Engaging a maid through a licensed maid agency like Hire A Maid, comes with a plethora of benefits that ensure safety, reliability and efficiency. In this article, we will explore the advantages of hiring a maid through licensed maid agencies in Singapore, highlighting why it is the best option for all Singaporean households.


Perks When You Use A Licensed Maid Agency

Backgrounds and Security Verification

Licensed maid agencies conduct thorough background checks, ensuring that each maid’s history is verified. This step is crucial for your family’s safety and peace of mind, knowing that your maid who will be staying in your house is trustworthy and has a clean record.

Professional Training and Skills

Licensed maid agencies provide their maids with professional training, covering everything from basic housekeeping to specialised tasks such as caring for the elderly or children to pet care. This means that the maid you hire will have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet your specific needs efficiently. Maids often undergo language training, including languages like English, Mandarin and Malay to cater to diverse needs of Singaporean households. This can help bridge communication gaps and enhance their ability to perform tasks effectively. 

Customised Matching

A licensed agency doesn’t just send any helper, they ensure a good match between the maid’s skills and your household needs. This customised approach ensures that you receive professional maid assistance tailored to your unique requirements.

At Hire A Maid, our stringent selection of maids start from the maid’s home country based on their working experience. We are specialised in providing diverse categories of maids, catering to the unique needs of households across Singapore. 

Our categories include: 

Fresh Helpers: Helpers that have no previous overseas experience but have experience working as a maid in their home country. Ideal for general housekeeping and elderly care. These helpers are trained in our professional training centers and ready to adapt to new environments.

Overseas Experience: Helpers that have overseas working experience in countries like Singapore. These helpers have worked overseas before and are returning from their home countries.

Local Transfers: Helpers who are currently employed as domestic helpers in Singapore. These helpers are seeking new employment opportunities. They have prior working experience in Singapore and are perfect for families needing immediate help.

Continuous Support and Mediation

A licensed maid agency offers ongoing support, handling any disputes or issues that may arise. This includes mediation and providing a replacement if the maid is unable to continue for any reason, ensuring that your household operations are never disrupted for long. 

Hassle-Free Processing

From work permits to medical check-ups and insurance, licensed agencies handle all the bureaucratic processes, making maid hiring convenient and stress-free for you. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life.

Professional Advice

Licensed agencies have years of experience in the maid agency industry and can offer valuable advice on creating a harmonious working relationship with your maid. They will also guide you on best practices for living with and managing your helper, ensuring a smooth integration into your household. Customers will be able to access professional assistance and consultation, this makes a big difference if you are a first time employer. 

Specialised Training

A trusted maid agency provides training and orientation for maids ensuring they are prepared for domestic work in Singapore. On going training programmes can be offered, keeping your domestic helpers updated on the latest cleaning techniques, safety protocols and even soft skills like communication and time management. This ensures that the maids are not just helpers but trained professionals who contribute significantly to the efficiency and harmony of your household.

Adherence to Regulations

Licensed agencies are well-versed in the legalities and regulations surrounding maid employment in Singapore. Singapore has strict regulations governing the employment of foreign domestic workers. Only licensed maid agencies are authorized to facilitate the hiring process. This ensures that all parties are protected and that the employment is compliant with local laws, preventing any legal issues down the line.


Why Hire A Maid Is Different From Other Maid Agencies?

At Hire A Maid, we prioritize our customers’ needs and conduct a thorough screening of our foreign domestic workers to ensure that the maid is the right fit for your household. We are a MOM Licensed maid agency specialized in both Myanmar maids and Indonesian maids. Our dedicated agents carefully assess the skills and qualifications of potential candidates to ensure they are well-suited for the job. This assessment may include testing their language proficiency, their past work history, their medical background and specialized skills such as elderly care, childcare and pet care. 

We offer transparency in our pricing with no hidden costs. We advised our customers according to their needs and budgets ensuring that customers make a good decision to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Our dedicated team offers advice and ongoing support for all our customers to address any concerns or issues that may arise. Open lines of communication with our customers ensure a smooth and successful placement. 


“Great experience with Hire a maid. Thanks to Francis for patiently assisting us throughout the hiring process”.  ~Sritha Rangepalli Medha, Customer



Hiring a maid from a licensed maid agency offers unparalleled benefits, from ensuring safety and reliability to providing professional and trained assistance tailored to your customised household’s needs. This approach not only brings peace of mind but also ensures that the process is convenient, legal and beneficial for both employers and maids. Whether you’re looking for someone to assist with daily chores or care for loved ones, engaging a licensed agency is your best bet when looking for a maid. 

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