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Benefits Of Hiring Foreign Domestic Workers In Singapore

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Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Our cost of living is tied with Zurich, Switzerland, and more expensive than New York and Hong Kong. The recent rising costs in our everyday life are a concern in every Singaporean’s mind. How do we survive this and still maintain the lifestyle most people in Singapore are enjoying?

Well, our strong Singapore dollars attract many foreign investors as well as foreign workers to Singapore. This allows us to have good-paying jobs and domestic workers to assist us with our household needs. In a situation where both spouses are working, having a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)will greatly reduce your stress levels and ensure you get the right balance between working and living.

Foreign domestic workers are a conspicuous presence in modern Singapore. If you take a stroll through the residential neighborhoods, you will see domestic workers taking children to schools, accompanying the elderly to the markets, bringing pet dogs for walks, doing grocery shopping, washing employer’s car, etc… Indeed foreign domestic workers, or maids, are a crucial part of Singaporeans’ household needs. Maids or FDWs are also known as the “silent army”, the ones that keep a busy household functioning. In addition, given the affluence of the general population in Singapore, working adults can afford a maid in exchange for quality time with family members and loved ones.

Below are some advantages of hiring a foreign domestic worker in Singapore.

Cultural Diversity And Language Skills

By hiring a foreign domestic helper for your home, you expose your family to different countries’ cultures and traditions. Embracing cultural diversity is essential in today’s interconnected communities. This cross-cultural exchange can be a valuable learning experience for yourselves as well as for the domestic helper. It creates a consciousness of our own cultures and also teaches us to appreciate cultures from another country. You will also be more aware of values such as respect and tolerance towards others’ cultures and beliefs.

Language is a huge part of our culture. By having a foreign domestic helper living in your home, you will get a chance to learn another language such as Bahasa Indonesia if you have an Indonesian maid or Burmese if you hire a Myanmar maid. Learning another language opens us up to a wider understanding of the world outside of Singapore.


Increase Family Bonding Time

One of the most significant benefits of having a foreign domestic helper is the ability to have family bonding time. You will get to spend more quality time with your family and engage in recreational activities while still having your household chores done. Having a reliable maid for your home can also relieve you from the stress of everyday housework. Weekends are a special time. It’s your chance to catch up on some sleep, play with kids, or simply relax and unwind with loved ones. You can easily achieve this by hiring a maid. Hire a maid for your home can help your mental clarity in the long run.


We are recommended by a friend to engage Hire a maid and we didn’t regret the decision! Our experience throughout the entire process was excellent and our maid arrived at our house within 2 weeks. Thank you so much.” – Hazel Chua, customer 


Expertise And Work-Life Balance

Foreign maids undergo rigorous training therefore many of them have specialized skills in housekeeping, childcare, elderly care, and pet care. These well-trained domestic helpers ensure that you have a functioning household enabling you to concentrate on your work. In today’s fast-paced environment, achieving work-life balance can be challenging. Hiring a maid can help alleviate stress by managing household tasks efficiently, allowing you to focus on what you need to accomplish. Having a well-organized home can have a positive impact on your everyday life and productivity.


Reliable Support System

Foreign maids are an integral part of the family support system in Singapore. They are a huge help to families in Singapore. Besides helping with household chores, they also offer emotional support and companionship, especially to elderly family members. Some families may find it more cost-efficient to have a maid looking after their young kids at home than having to find a suitable childcare provider. Maids from countries such as Myanmar and Indonesia are well-liked by many Singaporean families for their attentiveness and kind nature. They become part of the family and provide a reliable source of support for working parents, not to mention that they are good cooks too! Forming a good long-term relationship with your foreign domestic worker is crucial for your peace of mind.



Having a maid at home can provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and tasks, meaning that you can have round-the-clock assistance. A maid can also assist with special events such as birthday celebrations or holiday gatherings. An extra pair of hands to help you organize events is invaluable. You can also customize the scope of work of your maid depending on the different stages of your household dynamics.


Hiring a foreign domestic worker in Singapore offers numerous benefits that significantly enhance the quality of life for both employer and domestic worker. With an extra pair of hands, you will find that you can achieve your goals more efficiently. Their professional expertise, cultural diversity, and language skills make them a valuable addition to your home. Beyond their daily chores, foreign domestic workers provide emotional support enabling you to have peace of mind knowing that your family and loved ones are well taken care of. Moreover, hiring a foreign domestic worker can be cost-effective as compared to hiring a part-time maid.

Consider engaging a reputable maid agency like Hire A Maid to assist you with all your household needs. At Hire A Maid, we specialize in providing Myanmar maids and Indonesian maids to our clients. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.

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