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Debunking Myths About Maid Agencies & Hiring Misconceptions

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In Singapore, hiring a domestic helper is becoming increasingly common among families. Amidst this rise in demand, a plethora of maid agencies have emerged catering to diverse family’s needs and backgrounds. Numerous myths and misconceptions about hiring a maid from a maid agency might cloud some employers’ minds. From misunderstandings about the legalities involved to underestimating the value of professional guidance. It is important to understand what is true and what is not.

In this article, we will aim to dispel some most prevalent maid recruitment misconceptions and debunk some common maid agency myths when considering hiring a maid in Singapore. We hope to provide employers with trusted guidance and support when hiring a maid. Without further ado, let us start by debunking some of the common myths.


Myth 1: Hiring A Maid From Maid Agency Is Costly

Facts: Contrary to popular belief, using a maid agency when hiring a maid has various cost-saving benefits. The cost often aligns with the level of service required and many services provided by maid agencies can be tailored to fit specific needs. While bypassing an agency might seem cost-effective at first, it can lead to potential legal and financial complications later on. Using a maid agency ensures that all legal requirements are met henceforth reducing the risk of future problems. Moreover, considering the time saved and getting professional advice is worth the peace of mind.


Myth 2: All Maid Agencies Are The Same

Facts: Many believe that all maid agencies offer similar services. Trusted maid agencies, like Hire A Maid, prioritize customer satisfaction and take pride in their work by catering to every customer’s unique needs for their household. Maid agencies also provide professional advice and support for both employers and domestic helpers ensuring both employers’ and domestic helpers’ rights are protected.

Different maid agencies specialise in maids from different nationalities. Employers might want to find out which maid agency best suits your preference and provide the most suitable training for your maid. Reputable maid agencies provide training and orientation for maids ensuring they are prepared for domestic work in Singapore. At Hire A Maid, we specialize in both Myanmar maids and Indonesian maids.

“Provided very good service and upfront about payment, clear and no hidden fees. I have compared with other agencies, their price is very affordable.” ~Nur Diyanah

Myth 3: Only The Wealthy Benefit From Maid Agency

Facts: Domestic help is not exclusively for the affluent. In reality, maid agencies offer benefits that go beyond economic status. The fact is domestic help is accessible to a wide range of households and individuals. They are focused on providing solutions for employers on their household needs. The goal is to help create a clean and comfortable living environment for your family. Maid agencies can assist in customisation to fit your specific needs and budget constraints.


Myth 4: Domestic Helpers Are Not Entitled To Legal Rights And Protections

Facts: A common misconception is that domestic helpers are not covered by labour laws, leading to exploitation. However, countries like Singapore have specific regulations in place to protect the rights of domestic helpers ensuring they are entitled to fair working hours, rest days, and salary. If any issues or disputes arise during the employment period, the maid agency can act as an intermediary and help resolve the problems. Maid agencies can also provide ongoing support to employers and their maids such as specialised training, counseling, and dispute resolution. This includes mediation and provides advice on best practices for a harmonious employer-employee relationship.


Myth 5: Domestic Helpers From Agencies Are Not Trained

Facts: Do you know that Singapore has strict regulations governing the employment of foreign domestic workers (FDWs)? Only MOM-licensed maid agencies are allowed to facilitate the hiring of FDWs also known as domestic helpers. Maid agencies ensure your domestic helper complies with MOM hiring requirements which include applying for a work permit, medical examinations, professional training, and legal documentation. Maids will undergo training in specific training centers before they are deployed to work in your home.


Hiring Facts

Foreign domestic workers’ salary: 

The salary for a foreign domestic worker in Singapore generally starts around $400 but varies based on the maid’s nationality and working experience.


Maid levy:

Employers are responsible for a monthly maid levy of $300, which increases to $450 for any additional maids hired. There are also concessions available for families who meet certain criteria such as children under 16 or elderly family members.


Insurance and security bond:

Before your domestic helper arrives in Singapore, employers must purchase personal accident and medical insurance with minimum coverage of at least $60,000 per year. A $5,000 security bond is also required for each FDW.


One-off agency fee:

Hiring through an agency involves fees such as insurance, air tickets for the maid, the maid’s medical examinations, and the agency service fee. The total one-off cost may range from $1,000 to $3,000.


Living expenses:

Employers are responsible for their maid’s food, accommodation, and medical expenses. This averages around $200 per month.



For those considering hiring a maid in Singapore, understanding these regulations and costs is crucial for successful and ethical employment. Choose agencies that not only comply with legal requirements but also support ethical practices and the welfare of the maids they place. Maid agencies typically charge a fee for their services, most of them often charge a reasonable and transparent fee based on the services provided. Hiring a domestic helper through a reliable maid agency contributes to social responsibility by employing foreign workers such as Myanmar maids or Indonesian maids.

By debunking these myths and misconceptions, we aim to provide clarity and confidence to all employers who are looking for domestic help. The key to a successful hiring experience lies in seeking the trusted guidance of a reputable maid agency.

Contact us now! Our dedicated team at Hire A Maid will be happy to assist you. Let us take care of the hiring process for you.

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