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Finding The Best Maid In Singapore For Babies And Toddlers

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Trusting someone to provide nurturing in-home care for your infant or toddler is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. With some diligent research and by prioritizing the key qualities for each age group, you can find a domestic helper who will keep your little one safe, healthy, and thriving every step of the way.

Of course, every family’s requirements are different. Some parents will require a helper to have certifications or previous childcare experiences while some parents are open to giving training to fresh maids. The key is clearly outlining your expectations, creating a detailed job description, and taking the time to thoroughly vet candidates through reference checks and in-person interviews. For busy working parents, entrusting your search for a suitable maid with the help of a reliable maid agency can save valuable time and energy.

In this guide, we’ll explore the essential criteria for selecting a suitable domestic helper from reputable maid agencies in Singapore, focusing on infant and toddler caregiving. Remember to keep in mind the qualities of an infant caregiver are not necessarily the same as a toddler caregiver.

While there is certainly some overlap, the distinct developmental stages and needs of newborns versus toddlers mean the job requirements may differ somewhat. You may also want to have a read on one of our previous blogs on Hiring A Maid For Care Of Newborn.


Key Qualities When Hiring A Maid For Infant Care vs Toddler Care

When entrusting the care of your precious little ones to a domestic helper, certain qualifications and characteristics of the maid are non-negotiable.


Key Qualities Of A Maid For Infant Care:

  • Genuine love for caring for babies.
  • Previous infant care experiences.
  • Energy and stamina.
  • Good hygiene practices.
  • Trustworthy and responsible.


Genuine Love For Caring For Babies

It is very important to hire a maid who possesses a genuine love for looking after babies. Caring for a newborn can be challenging and requires a maid who is mentally prepared to take up this role. A maid who displays love for babies will make the job easier and less stressful.


Previous Infant Care Experience

An ideal infant caregiver should have a few years of relevant experience. Whether through formal training or years spent caring for young babies, a capable infant caregiver needs practical experience in feeding, bathing, soothing, and knowledge of holding newborns. Look for references that can vouch for their baby whispering abilities. Babies can’t use words to communicate their needs, so caregivers must be highly attuned to nonverbal hunger cues, cries, and body language. Quickly addressing an infant’s needs helps build trust and confidence.


Energy and Stamina

Infant care is physically and emotionally demanding. Your helper needs to be ready for round-the-clock feeding sessions, diaper changes, rocking, and burping. Hiring someone with youthful energy is ideal.


Good Hygiene Practices

Babies have low immune systems and are susceptible to illnesses therefore choosing a maid with good hygiene practices is vital. A face-to-face interview with the maid will be helpful in this selection process. Employers may want to pose a few good hygiene practices questions for the maid to determine if she is the right candidate.


Trustworthy And Responsible

Reliability is paramount when it comes to infant care. Parents need to have confidence that their domestic helper will consistently adhere to schedules for feeding, napping, playtime, etc…Dependability extends beyond daily routines to encompass emergencies, such as illness or injury, where prompt and appropriate action is crucial.


Key Qualities Of A Maid For Toddler Care:

  • Creativity and playfulness.
  • Keen supervision.
  • Patience and emotional intelligence.
  • Positive disciplinary skills.
  • Training certification.


Creativity And Playfulness

Once your child reaches the toddler stage, their needs shift from basic care to learning, exploring, and developing independence. The best toddler caregivers can keep little ones engaged through imaginative play, games, songs, and storytelling. They get on the child’s level and have fun!


Keen Supervision

Toddlers are constantly on the move. They seem to have everlasting energy. This is the stage where they are learning to walk, run, and climb. You need a helper with keen observation skills and the ability to provide hands-on supervision in both indoor and outdoor settings. Hence, a maid who is experienced and energetic will be a godsend for your family.


Patience And Emotional Intelligence

Let’s face it, the “terrible twos” can be an extremely trying period for the caregiver. Toddler caregivers must be able to handle tantrums and meltdowns with patience, empathy, and emotional maturity. Toddlers at this stage will experience different emotions and display irritability throughout the day. When choosing a maid, you may want to look for traits such as cheerfulness, patience, and responsibility to look after your little one.


Positive Disciplinary Skills

Toddlers will test boundaries as they discover their independence. Ideal caregivers should be skilled in using positive reinforcement, distraction, and gentle discipline techniques when looking after them. Knowledge of child development and child key developmental milestones allows caregivers to create age-appropriate learning activities to encourage the toddler’s active mind. This also helps to improve toddlers’ cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth.


How Can Maid Agencies Help?

Maid agencies serve as valuable intermediaries in the process of finding suitable domestic helpers for both infant care and childcare needs. These agencies typically conduct thorough screening and vetting processes, including background checks, interviews, and skills assessments, to ensure that candidates meet basic requirements and possess relevant qualifications.

By adhering to strict selection criteria and industry standards, reputable maid agencies provide an added layer of assurance in the hiring process. Additionally, maid agencies often provide training programs designed to equip domestic helpers with the necessary skills and knowledge for childcare duties. These may include courses on infant care, child development, and household management courses conducted by certified trainers and childcare professionals.

By partnering with a reliable maid agency like Hire A Maid, parents can access a pool of pre-screened candidates who have undergone rigorous training and assessment, ensuring a higher level of competence and reliability in their childcare arrangements.

Furthermore, maid agencies offer ongoing support and guidance to both employers and domestic helpers throughout the employment period. This includes regular check-ins, performance evaluations, and mediation services in case of any issues or concerns that may arise. By having a dedicated support system in place, parents can feel more confident in their childcare arrangements and address any challenges promptly and effectively.



Finding a suitable domestic helper for infants and toddlers requires careful consideration of the qualifications, character, and reliability of the maid. By focusing on essential criteria such as caregiver qualifications, in-home childcare services, and reliable infant care assistance, parents can make informed decisions that prioritize the well-being and development of their children. Partnering with a reputable maid agency that adheres to strict industry standards and provides comprehensive support services can greatly facilitate the process. For busy families in Singapore, hiring a maid from a reliable maid agency offers an additional layer of assurance and peace of mind. Through thorough screening, rigorous training, and ongoing support, maid agencies play a vital role in connecting families with qualified and trustworthy caregivers who can provide the nurturing and competent care that every child deserves.

At Hire A Maid, we are committed to providing continuous support and advice to help you make the best decisions for your family’s needs. Our maid agency’s goal is to facilitate a harmonious living and working environment for both employers and their helpers in Singapore.

If you are looking for a skilled Myanmar maid or Indonesian maid, do not hesitate to give our dedicated team a call today!

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