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Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Domestic Helpers

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May is helper appreciation month, remember to thank your helper by showing gratitude.

As May is helper appreciation month, it is the perfect opportunity to give thanks to your domestic helper and show her that you are grateful for her contributions to your household. Showing appreciation makes your maid feel cared for and valued as part of the family. It also deepens your connection with your maid which is a big plus for a harmonious working relationship.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”  ~ Voltaire

How often do you show your gratitude? Sadly though, we are often consumed by our busy everyday lives and may not show our appreciation as often as we would like. Employers need to be considerate that maids like everyone else may go through an emotional time, miss their families back in their home country, feel physically exhausted, need mental support, positive encouragement, and so on. Simple gestures of gratitude can greatly enhance your maid’s job satisfaction and emotional well-being. In this article, we will explore some ways employers can show their appreciation to their maids.


Why Is Being Thankful Important?

To have a good positive balance in your household, you need your domestic helper to stay motivated. Working as a domestic helper in a foreign country is a challenging task. Often than not, when an employer shows their appreciation, it is the maid’s biggest reward.


7 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Maid

Verbal Appreciation. Say Thanks!

A simple “thank you” can go a long way.

At times your domestic helper may feel as though no one sees the amount of work they have done in order to keep the household functioning. Regularly acknowledging the work of your domestic helper verbally makes them feel valued and appreciated. This could be for their daily tasks or when they go above and beyond their usual duties.

Employers may want to write them a note to say “ Thank you for your hard work. We appreciate what you have done for us and keeping our homes clean and tidy every day.”


Provide Positive Feedback

Giving constructive and positive feedback is another excellent way for employers to show their appreciation. Discussing what has been done well and recognizing their strengths boosts the maid’s morale and encourages a sense of pride in their work. In fact, studies have found that receiving a compliment makes your brain react just as if you were given a monetary reward.


Celebrate Special Occasions

Celebrating your domestic helper’s birthday or involving them in festivities during major holidays can make them feel like a part of the family. Your helper will be really happy that you remember her birthday. A small gift like a treat to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure, a birthday cake, a phone card top-up, a birthday card, shopping vouchers, etc.. will definitely be greatly appreciated.


Extra Day Off

Acknowledging your helper’s hard work by giving her an extra day off or allowing her to take a break to visit her family in her home country is one of many ways to show appreciation. Understandably, all domestic helpers miss their families. Allowing them time off to see their families is priceless. Your helper will be thankful for your kindness and understanding.

Performance Bonuses/Cash

Consider giving your helper a bonus at the end of the year or a pay raise to reward her hard work. Monetary appreciation can significantly help them and their families and serves as a tangible acknowledgment of their efforts. During festive periods like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, or Christmas, employers can give their helpers cash as a token of appreciation.


Offer Personal Growth Opportunities

Offering to enroll your domestic helper in courses for skills development such as cooking, baking, first aid or even language courses can help advance her capabilities and career. This will not only benefit your household but also her future employment prospects. You can find many businesses offering a wide variety of skill development programs that will help mold her future.


Cultural Recognition

Acknowledging and celebrating important days from your helper’s culture is always a great way to show your gratitude. Employers can cook or buy some food that their maids enjoy. If your maid is from Indonesia, preparing an Indonesian dish such as Pempek or empek-empek to surprise her or if she is from Myanmar, preparing her country’s national dish like Mohinga will definitely make her day. Eating together also encourages family bonding and an opportunity to show your helper that you respect her background and culture.


Creating A Positive Work Environment 

Last but not least, a positive and respectful work environment for your helper is one of the most effective ways to show your appreciation. Encourage open communication and listen to her feedback or suggestions. A positive atmosphere enhances job satisfaction and reinforces that she is a valuable member to the family.



Showing gratitude to your domestic helper with these simple gestures can dramatically improve her confidence and work-life satisfaction. As employers, it is important to remember that domestic helpers are invaluable not just for the tasks they perform but also for the warmth and support they bring to our homes. A little recognition goes a long way in making them feel respected and valued, enhancing the relationship between employer and employee, and creating a harmonious home environment. By incorporating these practices, employers in Singapore can ensure their domestic helpers feel genuinely appreciated and valued, thereby fostering a positive and productive working relationship. Remember in celebrating these unsung heroes, we contribute to building a home filled with peace and love.

At Hire A Maid, we are committed to providing continuous support and advice to help you make the best decisions for your family’s needs. Our maid agency’s goal is to facilitate a harmonious living and working environment for both employers and their helpers in Singapore.

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