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What To Look For When Hiring A Myanmar Maid

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As demand for modern-day living continues to increase in Singapore, more households are turning to domestic helpers to help them cope with the hectic lifestyle.

Myanmar maids have grown in popularity over the recent years. Thanks to their mild temperament, hardworking and willingness to learn nature, they are a great choice for looking after the elderly and as a caregiver.

Another key factor is that Myanmar maids are much more affordable compared to maids from other nationalities. Due to the cost advantage, many employers are choosing Myanmar maids to help save household expenses.

The overseas processing time is also faster than maids from other countries. In this article, we will guide you through how to choose a reliable Myanmar maid and the benefits of hiring one for your home.


Steps to Choosing a Myanmar Maid

Step 1:  Clearly define your needs

Before you start searching for your maid, be clear about your requirements. Are you looking for help with specific tasks or providing childcare or elderly care? List out your needs clearly to ensure you make the right decisions.

Step 2: Look for a reliable maid agency

These days, hiring a maid has been made less complicated with the help of maid agencies in Singapore. Maid agencies typically act as an intermediary between employers and domestic helpers, matching the needs of the employer with the most suitable maid.

Maid agencies also assist with the necessary work permit application, documentation, and contract, making sure that it adheres to government regulations.

At Hire A Maid, our advanced technology streamlines the hiring process, ensuring that each of our maids fits our client’s requirements. A good maid agency will ensure that maids are vetted, carefully selected, and well-trained before their placement. A reliable maid agency provides employers with peace of mind by ensuring a smooth and satisfying hiring process.  Engage a trusted maid agency when hiring a maid for your home, it will save you time and money in the long run.

Step 3:  Interview your domestic helper

Keep a lookout for traits such as mild temper, patience, cheerfulness, positive attitudes, and a good understanding of language. Ask your domestic helper about her hobbies and family background.

Before deciding on a particular maid, make sure the maid agency provides you with all the necessary information and do a thorough check on her previous employment history, enabling you to assess her suitability with the tasks you have in mind, for example, if your needs are to take care of elderly at home, a previous job experience in caregiving will be helpful. If you are looking for a helper to take care of young children, you may want to look for someone who is cheerful and loves kids.

Step 4: Red flags to look out for

During an interview, look out for telltale signs. Inconsistent information, vague answers, reluctance to provide more details of previous work, lack of motivation, negative attitude, and poor communication are some things you should consider when deciding on hiring a maid.

Step 5: Clear communication and active engagement

Clear communication is key to a healthy working relationship with your maid. When giving instructions, speak clearly and concisely to avoid miscommunication. Encourage them to ask questions if they are unsure and be patient when responding to their questions.

Benefits of Hiring a Myanmar Maid

  1. The cost and salary of a Myanmar maid are lesser than maids from other countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. The typical starting salary of Myanmar maids is SGD480 per month, while Filipino and Indonesian maid’s salary starts from SGD550 per month.
  2. Overseas processing time is shorter for Myanmar maids, this is especially helpful for families looking for urgent help.
  3. Overseas working experiences, many Myanmar maids have worked abroad before. They are highly adaptable to our Singaporean lifestyle and culture.
  4. Myanmar maids are known to be hardworking, responsible, and caring.
  5. They are gentle and patient with the elderly.
  6. Myanmar maids are prepared for long-term commitment.
  7. They are fast learners and can pick up the English language easily. Some can speak Mandarin too.



Hiring a Myanmar maid in Singapore will greatly enhance your everyday life, allowing you to spend more time with your family. It will also relieve the burden of household chores for working couples.

Build a positive relationship with your helper. Treat them with kindness and respect. Myanmar maids are highly adaptable and have a good understanding of our Singapore environment and culture, making them a great choice for our home.

Hire a Myanmar maid from trusted maid agencies in Singapore. Together, you can create a working relationship that is happy and healthy for both yourself and your domestic helper.

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